Monday, 10 October 2011

White asparagus soup

This is a very tasty soup that you can take both cold or hot, as you prefer. It's also a good recipe for the ones that are trying to loose weight, just don't add butter and you will have a light starter that everyone will like. This is the soup used as a sauce in Marc's way lasagna.

400gr skimmed milk
400gr canned asparagus + liquid
30gr butter
1 tablespoon corn flour
Black pepper and nutmeg

1. Put the butter in a pot and when it's melted add the flour. Cook for 1 minute.
2. Heat the milk, cut the asparagus and add both to the pot. Add the liquid from the canned asparagus and the spices too.
3. Boil (simmer) for 8-10 minutes.
4. Blend it all until smooth.

If you are doing the light version don't follow step 1, just add the flour with all the other ingredients. To serve you can decorate with a sprig of fresh parsley or a few asparagus tips. I hope you enjoy it! Bon profit!

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