Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Tuna turnovers or Empanadillas!

I don't really know if turnover is the same as empanadilla... but is the best translation I've found. Empanadillas are very typical in Spain and I'm sure you will like this recipe. This ones are stuffed with tuna but you can use whatever you want: vegetables, minced beef... This time I've done a little cheating and I've used pre-cooked pastry, but I will tell you the complete recipe because if you have time is quite easy and it tastes better!

Ingredients  (about 25 turnovers)
100gr olive oil
150gr water
350gr flour
salt teaspoon
400gr canned tuna
2 boiled and eggs
Tomato sauce (best if homemade!! with onion, olive oil, red pepper...)
Green olives
Some capers

1. Put all the pastry ingredients in a bowl and knead. If it's too sticky just add a little more flour.
2. Expand it with a pastry roller until it's about 3mm thick and cut into round slices.
3. Chop the boiled eggs and the green olives, dry the tuna and mix all the stuffing ingredients.
4. Put a bit of stuffing in the middle of each wafer and close. Use a fork to seal the end of each turnover.
5. Put them into  pre-heated oven for 15 minutes 170ÂșC... or until you see they look as in the first picture. They will look nicer if you paint them with beaten egg before putting them into the oven...but I think it's not necessary.

Normally turnovers are fried... but this way you avoid lots of fat. If you don't feel like cooking the pastry and you don't find it done in the supermarket you can use puff pastry. If you use puff pastry you will have to do small holes with the fork before baking and turn them over after 5-6 minutes in the oven. Bon profit!

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